About Us

Nashik is accessible and well-connected to various centres of the country and is part of the Golden Triangle along with Mumbai (financial capital) & Pune (IT hub).

Due to the extremely favourable conditions, both climatic and geographic, various industries and industrial estates are coming up in Nashik. It is also considered to be one of the fastest growing industrial hubs with approximately 10,000 industries serving across multiple cooperative estates on various scales.


Nashik Industrial Co-operative Estate is the catalyst body to help and push industrialist to attract investments, innovate, develop and enhance technologies to assist in the development of infrastructure and economy.


To attract industrial investments and provide continued support, through regionally and globally competitive strategies, good infrastructure, value adding services, and easy governmental processes.


o To enhance Nashik’s position as a leading regional centre of manufacturing, information & communication technologies (ICT), innovation and entrepreneurship excellence



Nashik has been blessed with extremely favourable weather conditions which have immensely helped grow the sectors of agriculture, trade and commerce. With Rice and groundnut productions to brass and copper vessels to bidi production and everything in between. As Nashik was producing raw materials on a large scales, transport and infrastructure were following suite. Nashik was thus able to establish the industrial cooperative estate.

With great help and efforts of Shri Babubhai Rathi, NICE was formally inaugurated in January of 1962.

Shri Babubhai Rathi played an integral role in forming the Nashik Industrial Cooperative Estate (NICE).

In the early 1960, he went to Punjab where he learnt that labourers were earning a higher daily wage and thus tried to understand what they were doing to help bring that culture to Nashik and improve the standard of living. On his return, Mr. Rathi met the then Commerce & Industry minister Mr. Sheshrao Wankhede. The minister asked that if 30 to 40 industrialists come together then the area could be established as a cooperative estate. Total 93 members came together and planned productions of various products. In the first phase, MIDC transferred 60 of the 700 acres of land to NICE.

Consequently, NICE began to concentrate on the development of infrastructure and services such as transportation, telecommunication, postal services etc.

On 22nd of January, 1963, foundation stone of Satpur industrial establishment was laid in the presence of finance minister of Maharashtra Government. Whereas, on 7th February, 1976, NICE started functioning from its own building.

As of today, there are more than 400 factories at NICE. They have created employment for more than 25 thousand people in small, medium and large scale industries.

The well-organized infrastructure which is seen today in the industrial areas is the token of success of the organization. It took about 50 years efforts by the organization for this success. The history of the organization narrates that NICE is developing with the concept ‘Industry and Industrialist’.